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connect, create, decolonize

We are two artists: Sandy Buck, a Métis artist and co-founder of Deer Crossing The Art Farm, and xets’emits’a Candace Campo, a shíshálh artist/ Knowledge Carrier and founder of Talaysay Tours. Our organizations are raising funds and support for two upcoming events, both inspired by the octopus. One is a month long exhibition at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery titled, “Preparing for the Potlach,” and the second is the return of our much loved production, The Rainforest Circus.

These events will pair our two organizations’ work in the arts, in decolonization, in education, and in community building – for greater impact. 

About the events:

Preparing for the Potlach

From May 30th to June 23rd, we will be transforming the Gibson’s Public Art Gallery into a show we are calling “Preparing for the Potlach”. This show will take the tenacity of Octopus medicine to pull it off! We will need eight arms and legs to bring together the many artists, indigenous and settler, invited to collaborate and reflect on what it means to prepare for a Potlatch. The Potlatch was banned 1884 to 1951; an attempt to remove it from history. It was the dedication of Elders who carried on the traditions in secret, with the threat of imprisonment, that allowed future generations to participate in its culturally enriched sacred teachings.


Rainforest Circus: Intelligence

We’re also excited to announce our collaboration on the long-awaited return of the Rainforest Circus to the shíshálh Nation’s ancestral village of klaath in Porpoise Bay. From August 8th to 11th, “The Rainforest Circus: Intelligence” will bring together artists, performers, aerialists, musicians, storytellers, and dancers with community members to share a theatrical journey with audiences amongst the firs and cedars of our local rainforest. This circus will dive into the various expressions of “intelligence” in the human and natural world. We see the octopus as a symbol of animal wisdom, of grace and playfulness, and a creature that connects us to the otherworldly. 

Check out this short video about our last Rainforest Circus production in qathet.


How are we going to do all this? With your help! As fun as this all is, it is hard work because we take PLAY seriously. We believe we are not just entertaining; we are working hard to establish long-lasting relationships—between settlers and Indigenous communities, between youth and elders, between people and the natural world.

We are asking you to be a sponsor for these projects, and our ongoing work towards reconciliation. Contributions from people like you are the building blocks of what we do and why we do it. We have a list of ways you can contribute and what you will receive in gratitude from both our organizations. Everyone who plays with us will be part of something GRAND. We have experienced how curiosity and play can be change-makers, and we are excited to be doing this with you. We are in exceptional times- and we welcome you to make history with us!



  • 2 tickets to opening night + Gala of the Circus
  • Name listed in our Circus program



  • 2 tickets to opening night + Gala of the Circus
  • Logo listed in our Circus program
  • Social Media shout out from the Art Farm and Talaysay Tours
  • Name listed on our sponsorship sections of our website pages



  • 4 tickets to opening night + Gala of the Circus
  • ¼ page add in our Circus program
  • Social Media shout out from the Art Farm and Talaysay Tours 
  • Name listed on our sponsors sections of our website pages
  • Private tour with Talaysay Tours

In-kind donations

Any in-kind donations will receive the equivalent sponsorship package perks. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. We are looking for donations of food, beverages, accommodations, building supplies and more. We are happy to discuss more.

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