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walk on water

In November 2019, The Town of Gibsons hired The Art Farm to develop a set of signs that would form a “tour” through lower Gibsons celebrating our local aquifer system which has provided some of the world’s cleanest drinking water to the residents of this area for thousands of years. Collaborating with families, Indigenous knowledge carriers and local artists, The Art Farm created seven signs at various locations relating to the Gibsons Aquifer. The signs draw audiences to engage through a game and additional information available online while exploring Lower Gibsons.

Dates: 2020

Partnered with:
Town Of Gibsons

Interactive Walking Tour

Our artist team came together to conceptualize what Walk On Water would include. It was important to honour the animals and plants that rely on this fresh water source, and especially important to acknowledge the indigenous people who have relied on the Gibsons aquifer for thousands of years.  We wanted to draw people to the artful signage, engage them in a game that would help them see the aquifer through an animal’s experience, encourage them to walk to each sign location, and learn more online about the history and the aquifer.