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the heart

We were asked to facilitate a community-engagement activity at a local Valentines Day themed event. Sandy created a 6-foot tall anatomically correct heart out of wire to act as the base for the engagement art piece. We shared about the event online and invited people to bring red fabric to the event.

We reached out to the local Highschool and many youth were keen to participate in the project. We had students at tables cutting up fabric into strips and piling them in baskets surrounding the hearts, which was now hung from the ceiling in the mall. As people passed by, students began weaving the fabric into the heart shaped wire structure and engaging others in the process. By the end of the day the entire heart was covered in fabric pieces, thanks to everyone attending the event, those passing by who chose to take a moment out of the day to participate, and to our amazing team of youth.

Dates: 2019

Partnered with:
Sunnycrest Mall

featured in backstage pass

Our work is cyclical in nature, and our past work often lives on in future projects, clothing, and art pieces. For the Raising The Curtain’s first online showcase in the early days of the pandemic, we designed an engagement piece using the heart sculpture to interact with viewers around the world. We asked our audiences to send in the names of people they were isolated from or messages from them, and we wrote them down and sewed them onto the heart on camera during our live event.

youth engagement