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scattered pieces

In the summer of 2022, the Art Farm hosted an evening of storytelling and performances to celebrate the summer solstice. At Scattered Pieces, guests were treated to an evening performance and runway show, with the stories of animal medicine woven throughout. This performance has been transformed into a remarkable recording, produced and directed by artists Sandy Buck and Sarah Noni. The animals themselves are woven into our Scattered Pieces Art Kit, a fun and engaging activity to do with your children, grandchildren, friends, and family, while listening to the stories, songs, and soundscape. This kit, our Scattered Pieces clothing line, and other handmade items are now available on our online shop.


Dates: Summer 2022

What is Animal medicine?

Animal Medicine has been a strong presence all my life although I was not introduced to the Medicine Deck until my mid 20’s when the deck whispered my name. I have come to use these descriptions of each animal as a guide throughout my life especially when big changes were present. Over the years, I have learned to watch and listen to the animals that crossed my paths. I invite you to watch and listen for who crosses your paths, their medicine awaits. 

– Statement from Sandy Buck, Metis Artist and co-founder of Deer Crossing the Art Farm


What is scattered pieces?

Stories from the woven threads of hands beyond our hearing
Old and worn, becoming new.
Worn with heart.
Worn with movement.
Worn with curiosity.
Worn with bravery.
Worn with laughter.
Worn with grace.

The feather is a gift from nature. It represents the sky where the birds fly. It represents spirit.

Wearable tales

Wearable stories

What draws our foot from one step to the next? Wonder

Warning…wearing scattered pieces may draw the eyes of resistance as you become who you are not supposed to be, but who you have always DREAMED of. 

scattered pieces art kit

We created this art kit using all recycled-reused materials. Listen to the audio recording and build a one-of-a-kind Scattered Pieces animal medicine mobile. You can purchase one on our shop along with other items from our pop-up shop.