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rainforest circus

The Rainforest Circus evolved over 6 years of collaborative creation. The changing themes of the production-always accessible to children and thought provoking for adults-told important stories about the state of our world today.

During the first seven years, countless numbers of people have come together each summer to create a magical performance in the rainforest. Dancers, aerialists, actors, musicians, designers, poets, stage managers, technicians, producers, volunteers, children, youth, adults; so many people generously gave their time, creativity and passion to make the Rainforest Circus into what it has become.

In recent years The Rainforest Circus has been traveling to more distant shores, and inviting more community collaboration. Our first collaborative circus production was the 2018 Rainforest Circus Submerged. Since then, we have toured this show twice for 4 community, inviting indigenous knowledge keepers and community members to contribute to and the show.

Dates: 2010-2015

the roots of the rainforest circus

Rainforest Circus Beginnings

Our first Rainforest Circus took place on the Art Farm property. Hundreds of guests: friends, family and extended community, traipsed through our two acre woods to view the installations and performances in some surprise summer rain. We were blown away by the response to our first show, and in order to host more guests in our second year, we moved to Shirley Macey Park where we continued to hold the Rainforest Circus for many years to come. Some memorable productions include The Underworld, The Cosmos, Game of Chance, and The End of the World.