Rainforest Circus

The Rainforest Circus continues to evolve over 7 years of collaborative creation. The production has grown to include aerialists, poetry, comedy, puppetry, soundscape, and elaborate costume and set design. The changing themes of the production-always accessible to children and thought provoking for adults-told important stories about the state of our world today.

Project Components

  • Devising the Rainforest Circus in collaboration with artists and community
  • Producing shows throughout local forests

Project Partners

  • Sunshine Coast Regional District
  • District of Sechelt
  • BC Parks

Rainforest Circus Beginnings

Our first Rainforest Circus took place on the Art Farm property. Many of our friends, family and extended community traipsed through our two acre woods to view the installations and performances. In order to host more guests in our second year, we moved to Shirley Macey Park where we continued to hold the Rainforest Circus for many years to come.



Game of Chance

2013 Rainforest Circus revolved around the concept of chance. Our friend and professional photographer Grant Simmons captured many beautiful moments from this production.

The Underworld

In 2014, The Rainforest Circus attempted it’s first ever tour! This included performances at our regular venue, Shirley Macey Park, as well as Porpoise Bay Provincial Park in Sechelt. One of our favourite productions, the 2014 Rainforest Circus The Underworld, explored what lies just beneath our feet. The show included a poetry portal, a piano hung from the trees, and aerial lizards.

The Cosmos

For our 2015 Rainforest Circus, we took to the skies! Leaving the underworld behind, we ventured out to the edges of the universe with the theme of the Cosmos. With a second year of touring under our belts, we have now embarked on a 2 year collaborative circus with other coastal communities. See Submerged for more details on that.

During the first seven years, countless numbers of people have come together each summer to create a magical performance in the rainforest. Dancers, aerialists, actors, musicians, designers, poets, stage managers, technicians, producers, volunteers, children, youth, adults; so many people generously gave their time, creativity and passion to make the Rainforest Circus into what it has become.

The past three years the Rainforest Circus has beeb traveling to distant shores, and inviting more community collaboration. Our first collaborative production was the 2018 Rainforest Circus Submerged.

Thank you to our primary project funders and sponsors over the years.

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