imagination network

The Imagination Network is a partnership between Deer Crossing The Art Farm, The Good Samaritan Society Christenson Village and Douglas Collage. This partnership is founded on the belief that—no matter our age—we can continue to contribute to our community.  As we adapt to the conditions of aging, to cognitive, social or physical challenges, our communities need to adapt with us.  The Imagination Network amplifies the voices of older citizens through cultural creation, public engagement, academic research and civic discourse to foster meaningful connections across sectors and transform how our society responds to aging, older age and dementia. Over the past 5 years, The Imagination Network organized 2 pop up studios for individuals living with dementia to share their stories and engage with the community, which lead to a multi-year research project called Raising The Curtain.

Dates: 2013-present

Partnered with:
Douglas College, Good Samaritan Society Christensen Village

Raising The Curtain

Raising The Curtain has included years of regular creative engagement workshops, in-person and then online, 3 showcases, and 2 online events. These workshops have been documented and analyzed to better understand how participating in creative engagement projects such as this can impact individuals living with dementia, their care partners, and the community that surrounds them.