emergence project

Emergence aims to provide artistic and technological learning opportunities to shíshálh youth and community, with an evolving intentional framework of de-colonization and Indigenization. This project is driven by a core team of youth and adult artists working in many disciplines.

This project has shape shifted a number of times as we have worked through the pandemic. The consistent threads throughout this project have been the deepening of our relationships, the development of interactive creative technology, and shared story telling. These practises have grounded us while everything has been shifting.

We are immensely grateful for the guidance of Hiwus Calvin Craigan, Dionne Paul and Candace Campo, and for the opportunities to work alongside all of our shíshálh partners and families that have been a part of this project.

Dates: 2018-Present

Partnered with:
shíshálh Nation
shíshálh Resource Centre
Talaysay Tours
Indigenous City Media
IM4 Lab

relationship building

The evolution of this project has depended entirely on the direction our relationships have taken us and the guidance of our indigenous partners. Early in the project our team visited with shíshálh Protector of Culture, Steven Feschuk. We listened and learned, as he shared about past mistakes in settler – shíshálh collaborations. This informed us on our path forward in this project. We are so thankful for Steven’s time and his story telling.

When it came time to share the early stages and visions for this project with more shíshálh nation members, we were so fortunate for the guidance of Dionne Paul. Her knowledge of protocols helped prepare us for our consultation with two groups of shíshálh Elders in the Elders Boardroom where we presented our vision for a future show that would bring an interactive live action game journey to Elementary schools on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Our team has been working to continue to bring in new, arts-based funding to the shíshálh community and we are committed to being transparent and acting with respect in these endeavours.