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cover the coast

Cover the Coast is an initiative that aims to build a more connected, strategically aligned, and supported affordable housing community. Built by Deer Crossing the Art Farm in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society, the team has worked to improve our understanding of current housing initiatives, reveal common barriers, identify areas for collective impact, and share this with the greater community.

For this project, The Art Farm facilitated a number of creative engagement opportunities for the community – through storytelling, visual media, and a public art installations – to nurture a better understanding about the housing crisis and the people it is impacting. Cover The Coast developed a website and co-hosted a series of online events supporting the work of the Poverty Reduction Team.

This one-year project was funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction through the Community Employer Partnership’s Job Creation Partnership stream.

Dates: 2020 – 2021

Partnered with: Affordable Housing Society
BC Government – Job Creation Partnership Program

information hub

Cover the Coast developed a website to house information on the local initiatives that are working in the field of affordable and supportive housing, as well as compiled a thorough list of emergency housing resources and related services. The page includes many local reports, and page called Get The Facts that busts through some of the misconceptions people have about affordable housing, increased density, and more. This website has become a hub for information pertaining to housing on the sunshine coast and features artwork from local youth relating to this topic.