Aquifer Project

The Aquifer Project was a multi-disciplinary artistic exploration on the value and impact of our water systems underground. This project was the first in a series of nature-inspired arts programming in partnership with the Town of Gibsons, followed by The Woodlands Project in 2015 and The Foreshore Project in 2016.  Led by a team of professional artists, and driven by a group of emerging artists between the ages of 8 and 18, the final show included multi-media installations, semi-permanent sculptures, film/soundscapes, story telling and poetry.

Project Components

  • Summer Arts Workshop run by Professional Artist team
  • Art Show and Project Showcase in Gibsons

Project Partners

  • Town of Gibsons
  • BC Arts Council

Summer Arts Workshop

For one week in July we held an arts workshop on the Art Farm that explored the importance of the local ground aquifer through a variety of arts exercises and projects. The workshop was programmed and facilitated by a team of professional artists. The children had an opportunity to learns skills and techniques from the artists while collaborating on the team’s final art show pieces.

Gibsons Showcase

The team of professional artists who facilitated our summer arts workshop spent the next few months creating gorgeous pieces of artwork inspired by the theme of our local ground aquifer. Many of these pieces included work the children made during the workshop. We showcased the collaboration, in partnership with the Town of Gibsons, in December 2014.

Special thanks to our project partners and funders

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