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Animal Medicine Stickers (Pack of 5)


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Scattered Pieces Animal Medicine stickers, created at Deer Crossing The Art Farm.

Statement from Sandy Buck, Metis Artist and co-founder of Deer Crossing the Art Farm: Animal Medicine has been a strong presence all my life although I was not introduced to the Medicine Deck until my mid 20’s when the deck whispered my name. I have come to use these descriptions of each animal as a guide throughout my life especially when big changes were present. Over the years, I have learned to watch and listen to the animals that crossed my paths. I invite you to watch and listen for who crosses your paths, their medicine awaits.

Bear: Introspection -enter the den of hibernation
Buffalo: Prayer and abundance
Raven: Magic and possibility in the air
Deer: Gentleness in the face of fear
Whale: The record keeper

These were created for our event, Scattered Pieces. You can learn more about that here.

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Dimensions 9.00 × 4.00 × .010 cm

Blue, Black