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our practice

Our creative practice leans away from control, definition, and hierarchy. We lean towards mess, nuance, and uncertainty. The only thing we are certain of is our own role—our dependency—on the illusions of certainty that the modern world provides. We don’t know what lies beyond these illusions, so we practice letting them go. This is hard challenging work, but it is also full of joy and play. We embrace the absurd and the ridiculous. We dwell within the mystery and the paradox.

We hold space for the mess of creativity because there are fewer and fewer spaces to do so, and we honour this practice through ceremony and celebration.

connecting us to

the land


each other

The Land 

When we aim to reconnect with land, we honour and celebrate the Indigenous roots of the land we live, work and play on. From the depths of the forest to the edge of the ocean, we use creative engagement to experience and appreciate Mother Earth in new and unexpected ways. Our indigenous partners from turtle island guide us in this journey and in relating to and respecting these lands and waters. 


We seek to understand our personal lineages and the experiences of our ancestors. This can include deep disconnection and inter-generational trauma. We honour that reflection because healing looks different for everyone. We encourage the development of these personal practices. 

Each Other

We want our projects to bring people from all walks of life together through creative collaboration. We want our work space to be one of open authentic dialogue so that we are heard and seen for who we truly are. We hold space for ancient ideas to intersect and for new ideas to emerge. 

what we mean by "holding space for the mess of creativity"

This work is messy: physically, in that our spaces often get over-taken by art supplies, tea cups, scraps of fabric, and pieces of the forest, but also in the emotional space. Collaborating is messy. Healing is messy. Sharing our hearts and stories is messy. We hold space for this.

We design spaces so that people can participate to whatever extent they feel comfortable.  We are curious about our participants specific needs and adjust accordingly. We set intentions and agreements together.  We make creativity accessible by removing the expectation of any specific outcome. We gather people, ideas, and materials, and we document the unfolding and emergent process. We look for the beauty on the journey, not just the destination.

get messy with us

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