Emergence is a youth-led multi-disciplinary exploration of the impact rising sea levels are having on our ocean-bound communities, and the responses—intellectual, emotional, physical—that are emerging out of this crisis.

Driven by a core team of youth and adult artists working in multiple disciplines (media arts, visual arts, theatre, sound), and in collaboration with three media arts companies (DigiMajou, Indigenous City Media, IM4 Lab), the first phase of this project will include a three-day media arts intensive for the core team, a site-specific filming apprenticeship for the youth team, a facilitated workshop with an established indigenous media artist, a creation week to devise the visual, audio, theatrical and media installations, a trial week with a local home-school program to test and improve the interactive installation, a showcase of the outcome for younger children and their families, and the development of a short film/booklet and presentation to engage future individuals and organizations in the project.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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