About The Project

Cover the Coast is a new initiative that aims to build a more connected, strategically aligned, and supported affordable housing community. Led by Deer Crossing the Art Farm in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society, the team is working to improve our understanding of current housing initiatives, reveal common barriers, identify areas for collective impact, and share this with the greater community.

For this project, The Art Farm is creatively engaging with the community – through storytelling, visual media, and a public art installation – to nurture a better understanding about the housing crisis and the people it is impacting.

This one-year project is being funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction through the Community Employer Partnership’s Job Creation Partnership stream.


Project Components

  • Interviewing local housing initiatives, governments, and community members
  • Sharing findings and resources
  • Highlighting local initiatives
  • Illuminating the gaps and common barriers that exist in affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast
  • Strengthen the Affordable Housing network
  • Collaborating to support local housing initatives
  • Arts engagement

Project Partners

  • Affordable Housing Society
  • BC Goverment – Job Creation Partnership Program

Cover The Coast Website

On our new website we share the work being done by our group, and other initiatives on the Sunshine Coast. Here we share resources, feature local programs, and offer opportunities for community engagement on the subject of Affordable Housing.

Emerging Artist Series

We posed the question, ‘What does poverty look like to you?’ and asked emerging artists to explore this through their unique creative lens.

Reflections of Poverty – Emerging Artist series was inspired by the findings of our work in the housing sphere and our partnership with the Poverty Reduction Strategy. We recognize housing as the critical issue affecting poverty on the Sunshine Coast.

Poverty Reduction Forums

Cover the Coast recently partnered with The Poverty Reduction Strategy Project to host three virtual forums that brought community members  together to learn about issues impacting poverty on the Sunshine Coast.  The purpose of these forums was to develop a shared vision of a healthy, caring, and fair community, and a commitment to take action and embrace changes required to address these issues.

Community Awareness Installation

To build community awareness of the issues related to housing and poverty on the Sunshine Coast we created a model tiny home at Sunny Crest Mall to house information and promote various initiatives of Cover The Coast and others at work in the housing sphere. 

The installation has been evolving since being installed in February. 

Building Resiliency and Compassion

Cover the Coast will be embarking on a community engagement project that aims to remove the stigma associated with people who are homeless or living in poverty.  This project aims to broaden our understanding of who is impacted by lack of housing, the cascading effect of poverty, and how this can happen to anyone.  The project will involve collecting and sharing stories as well as creating opportunities for people with the lived experience of homelessness or poverty to engage with the wider community.

Special thanks to our project partners and funders

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