The Art Farm’s Constitution

The purposes of Deer Crossing the Art Farm Society are to:
a) Advance the public appreciation of the arts by exhibiting, presenting and promoting innovative integrated art works inspired by and/or in collaboration with the natural world.
b) Advance the preservation and protection of the natural environment by facilitating dialogue, collaboration and partnerships between artists, nature-based professionals and the general public.
c) Advance the education of children, youth and adults by exploring, sharing, teaching and disseminating innovative integrated art works, skills, and ideas through initiatives, workshops, collaborations, productions, partnerships, festivals, residencies and tours (children and youth will be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for residencies and tours).
d) Advance community economic development opportunities by exploring, sharing, teaching and disseminating alternative and innovative models for inter-sector collaboration, sustainable land use and social enterprise.
e) Develop and Operate projects and programs that are related to, and compatible with the above stated purposes, as long as any revenues derived from those projects and programs are devoted to the advancement of those same purposes.

Deer Crossing The Art Farm:

  • is committed to sustaining its environment, its operations, its finances, its staff, its volunteers, its collaborators and its visitors – and growing in balance with all these factors.
  • aims for 100% accountability of all resources (natural and manufactured) using specific concrete measures whenever possible.
  • encourages positive and unique collaborative relationships by maintaining an enjoyable work-sharing environment that is accessible to people from all backgrounds.
  • is run by a solid, passionate team grounded by a clear vision, comprised of staff, board members and volunteers, with a transparent decision making process that is always open to new ideas and solutions.
  • provides safe, clean and comfortable accommodations, a working infrastructure and innovative spaces for collaborators and audiences that both preserve and enhance our natural environment.
  • is aware and respectful of the rich history of its land and resources, including its first nations ancestry, and is committed to increasing awareness of this legacy through education and outreach.

The Art Farm’s Values

  • equality & respect
  • community & collaboration
  • sustainability & accountability
  • creativity & passion

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