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These workshops explore historical and current perspectives of Métis and West Coast Indigenous Culture with hands on activities including storytelling, games, puppetry and sharing songs on the Buffalo Thunder Drum.

Métis Artist Sandy Buck facilitates interactive storytelling and art workshops for classrooms, organizations,  institutions and community groups.  Sandy integrates participants into the workshop, because “each room is filled with unique individuals and it’s their ancestors and lineage that helps create the circle in the room.” Sandy always starts each session with the 4 Directions Activity, a grounding exercise that takes place in a group circle. 

Rate: $400-$550

Duration: 45min-1.5 hours

Location: Schools, institutions, business locations and outdoor spaces

workshop options

Buffalo Thunder Drum

Sandy’s nine-sided drum was gifted to her from her aunt Margaret in 2018. When her aunt passed on, so was the responsibility of the drum, and Sandy found herself stepping more and more into her Metís heritage. The workshop begins in a circle which allows the drum to speak, and the workshop to form. This improvisation is the teaching that Sandy brings into the group. The Drum can also become a conduit for storytelling using shadow puppetry. The drum allows for a variety of mediums and topics to be explored. Each workshop is as unique as the circle participating. 

Maggie-Rose The Elder Puppet

Maggie Rose the Elder Puppet and her friend, Poochín the Dog, bring indigenous storytelling and much more into the circle. Maggie Rose and Poochín were woven, stitched and sculpted by Sandy and the teachings of her ancestors. Maggie Rose receives and shares the lessons of the Sandy’s grandmothers. Being made of fabric, there aren’t as many walls when people interact with Maggie Rose, which can be helpful when navigating tough subjects such as the history of the indigenous peoples of this land.


Sandy Buck

Sandy Buck is a Métis artist who has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2007 helping start the non-profit arts organization, Deer Crossing the Art Farm. Sandy left Vancouver at the height of her career as a Costume Designer in the Film/TV/Theatre industry in 2007 to live in nature and pursue her passion for creative community building in the rural setting of Gibsons, BC. She and her community thrive to promote a balance of community growth and indigenous knowledge of the land we live on. She brings a wealth of skills developed from a 25 + year career working for arts organizations as a volunteer coordinator, youth programmer, event organizer, teacher and artist. She is also a performer, puppeteer, and one of the creative collaborators for the Rainforest Circus, a site-specific production on the Sunshine Coast that has toured to other rural locations.

more about these workshops

These experiences includes indigenous teachings through storytelling and play and incorporates the mind, body, and spirit. Each group is unique, and Sandy’s technique encourages participants to find their own voice which creates a unique experience for each group. Sandy introduces the concept of holding space, which includes the teachers and educational assistants/hosts. Everyone is asked to hold the circle. Feel free to reach out if you have further questions.