What’s an Art Farm member?

An art farm member is anyone who signs up and pays their annual membership dues to the art farm. An art farm member can also be an artfarmer, but they’re not the same thing. Artfarmers, in general, are looking to collaborate on art farm projects or have art farm related work of their own. Art farm members are supporters of the art farm, who may or may not wish to participate in art farm projects as well.

Are there any membership benefits?

In addition to providing much-needed support and guidance to ongoing art farm projects, members do enjoy a number of privileges. These include: membership discounts on workshops, ticket reservations for shows and galas, opportunities for art farm residencies, and invites to member-only events on and off the art farm.

How Do I Become a Member?

Just choose one of the options below and you will be taken to the registration and payment page. Payment is available via Paypal or cheque.

Individual – $20

$20.00Add to cart

Family – $30

$30.00Add to cart

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