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Current Projects:

Emergence – A Youth Empowerment Project

Emergence is a youth-led multi-disciplinary exploration of the impact rising sea levels are having on our ocean-bound communities, and the responses—intellectual, emotional, physical—that are emerging out of this crisis.

Driven by a core team of youth and adult artists working in multiple disciplines (media arts, visual arts, theatre, sound), and in collaboration with three media arts companies (DigiMajou, Indigenous City Media, IM4 Lab), this project has so far included a three-day film intensive, design and build of two multi-media installations, and multiple public engagements where this work was shared with local community members and within the local elementary schools. 


Raising the Curtain

The Imagination Network has launched a ground-breaking three-year project – Raising the Curtain – that involves creating a theatrical production that is written, produced and performed by people with dementia in collaboration with professional artists, care givers, and community members. Through a partnership with Douglas College, this project also has an important research component with a goal of identifying ways in which creative engagement improves the lives of people with dementia.


Rainforest Circus – Submerged

The Rainforest Circus – Submerged is a vibrant theatrical presentation that takes place in a forest. It will incorporate aerialists among the trees, original music and soundscape, clown, dance, poetry and installation art – all inspired by the theme of water — woven together into a live performance. It is a dynamic and collaborative experience between audience, performers, and the forest.

Over two years a troupe from Deer Crossing The Art Farm traveled to various coastal communities to network and develop the theme Submerged. The group collaborated with local arts groups in each community, facilitated workshops and created vignettes with participants of all ages. Through this process the group learned about what was submerged- unsaid, unseen – for each community and this helped shape the story of the 2018 production.

This summer the circus put on 5 sold out shows shows in Roberts Creek BC, then went on tour to Sointula Malcolm Island to do 3 more! Thank you to all who contributed to this shows success!



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