Resurgence is a youth-led project that involves the creative exploration of cultural re-awakening. The project is a collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples on the Sunshine Coast, and includes professional artists, emerging artists (youth), indigenous facilitators, and children.

As part of their exploration process, artists will undergo a community engagement process that involves facilitating children’s and youth workshops.  They will also produce a public art installation.  The entire project will be documented and a short film will be produced.

Children’s and Youth Workshops

Emerging artists will develop and help facilitate programming for children and youth that explores the theme of resurgence. They will utilize techniques that are inspired by traditional First Nation’s storytelling as well as tools developed through new technology and modern media. Emerging artists will be supported through mentorship and training provided by professional artists and indigenous facilitators as they explore ways to inspire and engage a younger audience to tell their own story using a wide variety of art mediums.

Programming includes:


Art Crawl Installation

After six months of community engagement, the artist team (composed of youth and professional artists) will spend a week together to develop a multi-media public presentation inspired by the theme of Resurgence.

This public presentation will be showcased at the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl in October 2017, which has over 130 artists showcasing their work over three days.

The Resurgence of Storytelling

Storytelling has become a forgotten form of communication. We used to gather around the fire in the days of old to hear the elders retell the stories that were told to them—enhanced, as they were, with the storyteller’s personal tales intertwined. Over time, the storytelling method has shifted – left to the professionals through the mediums of modern technology – Youtube, television, and Netflix episodes.

Everyone has a story to tell and there has been a resurgence of the need to tell these stories. As Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission showcased, telling stories—even painful ones—is essential to our health as a country, as a culture, as a community, and as a person. Indigenous cultures have carried the torch of storytelling, even throughout challenging times. They teach us that we must never stop telling our own personal stories.

Through the use of different creative mediums—and with the support of indigenous artists, facilitators and story-tellers—we hope to inspire participants to tell their personal stories and open up the meaning of resurgence to the youth. How do people tell stories when they have never had the experience of a drum circle or elders sharing stories from their past? Story is in our DNA – we only need to explore and play to set it free.

Special thanks to our Resurgence 2017 partners, sponsors and funders:

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