Resurgence – Children’s and Youth Workshop Series

May 18th & 25th | June 1st & 8th, 2017 | 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Join us for four consecutive Thursdays of creativity at the Art Farm.  Each week will feature a new facilitator who will explore art mediums that are inspired by the land and all the secrets she holds.

Participating children and youth will take part in dynamic land-based inspiration art-making with young emerging artists. These artists have worked with the Art Farm on previous projects and have developed strong creative engagement skills – more importantly, they bring a fresh look at creating meaningful engaging art artwork that resonates with the young workshop participants.

Exploring Art Mediums that are Inspired by the Land.

Designed for Ages 7 to 13

Clay Modeling – May 18th | Facilitator: Colin Courtney

Colin will guide participants through the creation of layering with materials and clay.  Children and youth will work with natural materials found on the land.  They will explore how to transform these materials into three dimensional art pieces that evoke a deeper story.

Sculpture – May 25th | Facilitator: Cherry (Wen Wen) Lu

Cherry is a recent graduate of Emily Carr.  She is a concept based artist who works with various materials to produce dynamic installations. In this workshop, Cherry will use found natural materials and begin by making small structures and shapes. As a single story can resonate and create rippling impacts that empowers, teaches, or heals – the small structures, through repetition and patterning, will be transformed into free standing or site-specific installations.

Mixed Media – June 1st | Facilitator: Joanna Strzelecki

Joanna will bring her visual arts talents to guide participants to explore layering techniques to create mixed media art.  Techniques will include photo collage, pen and ink drawing, water colour and other visual mediums.

Sound Discovery – June 8th | Facilitator: Westerly Henry

Westerly is a sensory composer and musician. He will share his deep awareness of natural soundscapes as well as his talent with a variety of musical instruments.  Westerly will lead participants through a sound and sensory discovery, and will work with them to create their own soundscapes.

Lead Facilitator: Sandy Buck

Sandy will assist the emerging artists to develop and coordinate their programs. She is a mixed media artist and co-founder of Deer Crossing the Art Farm. Sandy specializes in working with children and youth groups.  She is passionate about creating a safe place to explore, play and create – providing opportunities for everyone’s hidden potential of art-making to thrive.

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The Art Farm
1747 Storvold Road
Gibsons, BC


4 Consecutive Thursdays
May 18 & 25 / June 1 & 8
3:30pm to 5:30pm


Art Farm Members
$15/workshop or $50 for all 4

Non- Members
$20/workshop or $60 for all 4

The Resurgence Project

Resurgence is a youth-led project that involves the creative exploration of cultural re-awakening. The project is a collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples on the Sunshine Coast, and includes professional artists, emerging artists (youth), indigenous facilitators, and children.

As part of their exploration process, artists will undergo a community engagement process that involves facilitating children’s and youth workshops.  They will also produce a public art installation.  The entire project will be documented and a short film will be produced.

Everyone has a story to tell and there has been a resurgence of the need to tell these stories. As Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission showcased, telling stories—even painful ones—is essential to our health as a country, as a culture, as a community, and as a person. Indigenous cultures have carried the torch of storytelling, even throughout challenging times. They teach us that we must never stop telling our own personal stories. Through the use of creative mediums—and with the support of indigenous artists, facilitators and story-tellers—we hope to inspire participants to tell their personal stories and open up the meaning of resurgence to the youth. How do people tell stories when they have never had the experience of a drum circle or elders sharing stories from their past? Story is in our DNA – we only need to explore and play to set it free.


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