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This youth-led project involved the creative exploration of RESURGENCE, a theme that delved into our connection with nature, the power of telling personal stories; and the impact of colonialism on our indigenous community. The project involved collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples on the Sunshine Coast, including children, youth, elders and professional artists. During the project, youth facilitated a creative nature-based camp for children, after-school arts workshops and an exhibition at the Art Crawl.

Dates: 2017

Partnered with:

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

This showcase involved a journey of cultural awakening, through live art, sound, visuals, and theatre. It included experiential art at the historic Rockwood Lodge, spoken word poetry and traditional dance by Ecko Aleck, live visuals and sound installation, and a collaborative community engagement piece titled “What are you.” It was an introspective and emotional journey.