Youth engagement has become paramount in Deer Crossing The Art Farm’s programming. We coined the term Pollinate to describe our youth driven projects. It is a symbiotic relationship in which the youth have a lot of creativity and energy to offer, and our programs provide tools and opportunities for them to explore and grow.  By facilitating youth engagement, we are bringing up a new generation of empowered creatives who will do good work in our communities and in our world.

Generally, these programs include the following elements:
-Mentorship with professional artists
-Opportunity to work hands on with children
-Installation and or engagement art creation
-A showcase event to share their work and experience with the community

Our programs help youth develop communication skills, responsibility of self and the planet,  creative expression, and follow through. It is our intention to support and equip participants in Pollinate Programs while simultaneously pushing them outside of their comfort zone to a place where they can really develop themselves as people.

Stay tuned for 2018’s Youth Engagement Project. You can view past programs such as The Aquifer Project, The Woodlands Project, The Foreshore Project, and Resurgence on our Portfolio page.

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